My name is Ismael Chang Ghalimi. I build the STOIC platform. I am a stoic, and this blog is my agora.

Architecture optimization

Following the recent progress we made with our record view, we decided to make some minor changes to our architecture, especially when it comes to our user interface. Up until now, the user interface was part of an external framework. Moving forward, it will be built on top of it.

In so doing, we will make our server (what we now call core.sutoiku) a mandatory component, rather than an optional one. Nevertheless, provisioning should remain as simple as it was before, at least from the end-user’s viewpoint. And the default database remains the embedded NoSQL database that is now part of our user interface framework.

With this revised architecture, we need to add a WebSocket library, and we’ll most likely go with Socket.IO. Next week’s goal will be to integrate this new library and build a first end-to-end integration prototype with the NoSQL database, core.sutoiku, Socket.IO, and the record view.