My name is Ismael Chang Ghalimi. I build the STOIC platform. I am a stoic, and this blog is my agora.

Object refactoring

Our first Dojo session is starting in less than 24 hours, so we took advantage of the week-end’s downtime to refactor some of the objects of STOIC Platform and STOIC CRM in order to get clean foundations for tomorrow.

First, we got rid of the Lead object, and we created a Lead variation for the Contact object instead. This will simplify the object model quite a bit, avoid any unnecessary duplication of information, and streamline the Lead to Contact conversion process.

Second, we renamed the Message object to Exchange and made it a lot more generic. Now, this object can be used not only to capture emails sent to Leads as part of a marketing Campaign, but also any communication exchange with Contacts, both inbound and outbound.

Third, we’ve added a brand new Page object, which will be the foundation for our upcoming Content Management System, and we merged it with the Template object. Now, a Page can be used as template for an email campaign, but also for the generation of personalized landing pages on a website directly served by the platform.

As a result, many core features that will be used to create the Marketing module of STOIC CRM have been pushed down to the platform, and the module only has one object left in it (Campaign). That being said, it’s most likely for the better, for it makes our work a lot more generic.

Marketing Automation

Our first Dojo session is starting on Monday, focused on Marketing Automation. As part of this project, we’ve made significant extensions to our object model, and we’ve listed the features we want to build. If you’re interested, take a look at the Marketing Automation section on the dendrogram and the bottom of the STOIC CRM page.

Thanks to our marketing campaign, we’re managing to keep our momentum, and the feedback we’re getting from registered users is nothing short of amazing. We’re starting to collect some quotes that will eventually be published on our website. If you have some you’d like to share, please send them our way. Here are some samples of the ones we got so far:

"Sounds great!"

"Very nice idea!"

"This sounds like a great idea.”

Looks awesome!”

Congrats! Looks awesome.”


That’s pretty cool looking.”

What you guys are doing looks very, very, very cool.”

Wow that’s really cool. Great name, nice concept. Congrats.”

One thing is certain, this is a very ambitious idea, I hope you nail it…”

"Keep up the good work!”

"In the future, everyone will be making apps in some way or another."

We have liftoff! Our recent marketing campaign is starting to bear fruits, as seen on this report for our daily website traffic, with pageviews in light green and unique visits in dark green. Let’s hope that we can keep the momentum going!