My name is Ismael Chang Ghalimi. I build the STOIC platform. I am a stoic, and this blog is my agora. for Schools

After some discussions with a few entrepreneurs, we convinced ourselves that the best target for developers are students from the Computer Science departments of universities and engineering schools. In such a context, we’re trying to get in touch with as many heads of Computer Science departments as possible. If you know any, please make introductions, or send them to our for Schools page.

Thank you!

Just three weeks ago, we started to play with the idea of crowdsourcing software development. Today, we’ve decided to pull the trigger. We call it, and you can think of it as the 99designs of software code.

The project is currently at the ideation stage. We’re building some basic mockups with manual back-office processes in order to refine the end-to-end user workflow. We will validate them with a few projects that we sponsor directly, including our Workflow Designer.

While the rest of the team is focusing on delivering our first product release, I will dedicate myself to this project for a while, and use it as a proof of concept for an application entirely built on top of the STOIC Platform. That should be fun!